10 bathroom renovation precautions that cannot be ignored

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The water circuit in the bathroom is very complicated and more complicated than the decoration of other spaces. In particular, various details such as water lines, spaces, bathroom furniture, etc., are inconvenient for future life. Today, I would like to say 10 precautions for the renovation of the bathroom that cannot be ignored. The owner of the first renovation must look at it, otherwise it will be troublesome to reload.

1, space

The bathroom is not very large, 5-8 square meters is the ideal size. It is recommended to separate the bathroom or bathroom. 3 square meters is the floor area of ​​the bathroom, and the sink, toilet and bathing equipment can just be arranged. When choosing a sanitary ware for a 3 square meter bathroom, you must consider leaving a certain amount of activity space. The sink and the toilet should be compact. The shower should be placed against the corner of the wall. The shower can use a flat shower or a simple shower. In addition, the bathroom mirror can be used to achieve the visual effect of expanding the small space.

2, ventilation

The bathroom is a convenient place for us to use. The bathroom is used for bathing, which causes the air to be damp and it is easy to breed bacteria. Choose Ming Wei with windows. If it is a dark guard, in addition to installing a high-powered, good-performance exhaust ventilating fan, you should also pay attention to avoid “wrapping”, especially in the vicinity of the ground. Many people like to pack the pipe tightly, or simply make a locker under the sink. As a result, the moisture is not covered in the package, which is unsanitary.

The bathroom with reasonable layout should have a dry area and a non-dry area. The non-drying area is not conducive to storage. Even in the dry area, if the toilet paper, towels, bath towels, etc. are placed for a long time, they must be stored in a plastic box with good moisture permeability to avoid moisture, so that they are not used when they are taken out.

3, light

Mingwei can come in with natural light, and all the light from the light and the reflection of the tile itself.

Bathroom design bathroom should use soft and not direct lighting; if it is dark and the space is not big enough, the tiles should not be black or deep, should use white or light color, make the bathroom look spacious and bright.

4, launching

Sewage is an important part of the cleaning of the bathroom. Pay special attention to the following points:

(1) The height of the floor drain seal should reach 50mm in order to prevent the gas in the drain pipe from entering the room.

(2) The floor drain should be about 10mm below the ground, and the drainage flow should not be too small, otherwise it will easily cause blockage.

(3) If the floor drain is very rough, it is easy to catch hair and sludge, causing blockage, and it is also particularly prone to bacteria.

(4) The opening aperture of the floor drain tweezers should be controlled between 6 and 8 mm, so as to effectively prevent hair, sludge, sand and other contaminants from entering the floor drain.

5, bathtub

A hot bath is one of the good ways to relax. The size of the bathtub should be appropriate for the size of the bathroom, and the smaller bathroom can choose a small and deep bathtub.

Also pay attention to whether the water heater and the bathtub match. The water injected into the bathtub generally needs 65% of hot water (for example, the volume of the bathtub is 300 liters, it takes about 200 liters of hot water). When other people want to take a bath, the bath water needs to be reheated, so the heating capacity of the water heater is very important. . If you can’t meet the requirements, you can either change a small bathtub or change the water heater.

6, toilet

The important “element” in the bathroom should be the toilet. Its function and health are directly related to the health of the user. In addition to health problems, the concept of “bathroom revolution” is quietly emerging in the society. The so-called bathroom revolution is the health effect of the bathroom. Installing a body cleaner for the toilet can not only benefit the anorectal patients, but also have a very good attitude towards the elderly. Strong health care function.

7, tiles

Tiles are an important part of bathroom waterproofing. It can be said that whether you can enjoy the “water play” in the bathroom has a great relationship with the tile. The bathroom wall shall be covered with tiles (or glass bricks) that are highly waterproof and resistant to corrosion and mildew; the floor shall be made of non-slip floor tiles with raised patterns; when laying the floor tiles, the waterproof layer shall be made under the surface layer, and cement mortar shall be used. Leveling the floor and applying waterproof coating; when laying the floor tiles, make a waterproof layer under the surface layer, use cement mortar to level the floor and apply waterproof coating; before laying the floor, do the back coating treatment on the floor tiles to reduce the phenomenon of “water stain”; The area around the waterproof layer that is in contact with the wall should be raised upwards, about 25 to 30 cm above the ground.

8, plants

Green plants and smooth tiles are visually perfect, bringing life and fresh air to the dull bathroom. The bathroom is warm and humid like a greenhouse. The green plants chosen are not like water, and they occupy a small area. They only occupy a corner on the window sill, the bathtub or the sink. Dark Guard is more suitable for placing dried flowers. You can buy two jars that you like. Insert the dried flowers into the bottle and drop a few drops of perfume at intervals. The scent can last for more than a week. You can also cut the fresh lemon into pieces, put it in a dish and put it in the bathroom after drying. It can prevent mildew and remove odor. However, you must not place the lemon slices directly on the ceramic surface, leaving the impressions difficult to remove.

9, decorative painting

Decorative paintings can adjust the atmosphere, reduce the loneliness and depression of people in the bathroom. Put a few pictures or photos of yours on the wall. It is no longer a boring bathroom, but a room that contains your life experience, a place where you can relax and delve. You can ask the workers to reserve hooks during the renovation; the material of the frame should not be afraid of water, aluminum or stainless steel.

10, the location of the bathroom, the placement of items

If it is a duplex structure, the bathroom should not be set in the bedroom, living room or kitchen.

The upper layer of the bathroom design room, if it cannot be changed, its sewers and traps should not be exposed indoors, and should have reliable waterproof, sound insulation and easy maintenance measures.

It is not advisable to use any type of telephone in the bathtub or shower to avoid the risk of electric shock and fire.

It is not advisable to lay wooden floors.

It is not advisable to dry underwear and wet bath towels in the bathroom and should be exposed to the sun.

It is not advisable to store unused sanitary napkins in the bathroom.

It is not appropriate to store a lot of cosmetics.

It is usually not advisable to place a washing machine in the bathroom. If there is a special laundry area far from the non-drying area, the washing machine must use a three-way plug, which must have a protective case.

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