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A frequently discussed topic in relation to varicocele is testosterone. As you have already learned on the page about varicocele fertility, the testicles can be damaged by a varicose vein. As a result, the damaged testicle can no longer function properly. Among other things, overheating impairs sperm production and the fertility of the affected person deteriorates.
The same applies to testosterone production and testosterone release. By influencing the varicocele, the testosterone levels in the body can be reduced. Some urologists are of the opinion that the testicular varicose vein does not have a decisive influence on testosterone production and testosterone release, as in the case of varicocele the other testis would compensate for the imbalance. Nevertheless, the general testosterone level in the body would be higher with two healthy testicles than with one impaired testicle. For this reason it is very important to take natural varicocele countermeasures as early as possible to prevent its further development.
As a result of the lower testosterone concentration in the blood, men suffer (often only at an advanced age) from typical testosterone deficit symptoms such as
• listlessness/fatigue
• Reduced libido
• Erectile dysfunction
• Reduced fertility
• Elevated estrogen levels
• Reduced muscle tone
• Gynecomastia
Men often blame varicocele for all these symptoms without first taking a closer look at the testosterone reducing/promoting factors in their lives. It is therefore worth taking a closer look and considering various testosterone increasing factors.
The fact is: There are a whole range of testosterone-enhancing measures that basically any man can take. Visit our website now and learn about 7 effective ways to naturally increase testosterone levels in your body in the section on varicocele testosterone

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