Weight Loss and Weight Management Market – Which is fastest growing services segment?

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The weight loss and weight management market is expected to reach USD 245.51 billion by 2022 from USD 165.81 billion in 2016, at a CAGR of 6.9% from 2017 to 2022.
Online Weight Loss Programs

This segment includes weight loss programs offered through internet subscriptions, which enable users to follow these programs from any location through their mobiles or tablets. These services also include digital diet plans and nutritional supplements, meal delivery services, nutritional guidelines, fitness and workout videos, online recipe magazines, fitness magazines, and online consulting with dietitians and nutritionists.

Market players are expanding their existing offerings and increasing their customer base by increasing the number of online and mobile-friendly solutions that are more convenient for users in terms of following their weight loss and weight management goals.
Fitness Centres and Health Clubs

Fitness centers offer group exercises, personalized programs, timely body composition analyses, water workouts, yoga sessions, spinning sessions, and cardiovascular exercises for weight management and physical health and fitness. Increasing awareness of fitness has led to the introduction of new and creative techniques such as Zumba, which help burn calories more effectively.
Consulting Services

This segment includes services offered by dieticians, nutritionists, and other weight management professionals who evaluate each individual’s lifestyle to help address the medical, nutritional, and behavioural issues related to weight gain. Considering the health requirements of individuals, diet and nutrition consultants prescribe and plan specialized nutritional and diet plans to maintain the recommended calorie consumption. Dieticians provide services such as children diet consulting, hypertension diet consulting, diabetes diet consulting, pregnancy diet consulting, and cholesterol diet consulting, among others.
Slimming Centres and Commercial Weight Loss Centres

Slimming centres are known for their commercial weight loss programs, which include slimming techniques that do not require heavy workout sessions. They offer various programs, such as vacuum therapies, mud therapies, cool sculpting, steam baths, cellulite control therapies, acupressure therapies, diet modification plans, balanced diets, and customized weight loss programs. These programs are very effective for individuals who avoid physical workout sessions.

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