Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3420-51A Mens Watch

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Watch newbies often get perplexed on what should fit in as their ideal purchase and advices come galore, which at times, perplexes the person all the more. The most common mistake newbies fall for are going for cheap, little-known brands that have little-to-no credibility. They also miss out on the part of after sales services; if looks alone could make the world turn, it would be a new Universe we’d be staying in.

So it’s always better to stick with esteemed watch makers who are familiar names with the watch connoisseurs and offer a vast range at varied price range without compromising even a bit on the quality. With them, you do not need any further guidance toward your first watch purchase.

One of those brands is Citizen Watches Online and they always have something spectacular within a given (should we say shoestring?) budget. Yes, even with complications, they work out way more inexpensive than large names which could either be Swiss or a large fashion brand.

For example, the Citizen Eco Drive AN3420-51A Mens Watch. To newbies, multi-dials are always attractive choices and chronographs are always a hot favourite. But it’s also true that chronographs from large brands come expensive and from obscure ones, are dicey. With Citizen, you come clear off both! Certainly, it’s not ‘the perfect’ watch but surely the perfect one for first timers seeking a sense of grandeur in everyday life. That’s to say, its grandiose doesn’t pose a bar in its becoming a daily beater watch; moreover, it is also a piece you can wear at places you visit for usual merriment and not so usual ones. This one watch suffices for all!

For those whom solid metal rules the roost, they’ll be surprised at how inexpensive this 316L grade stainless steel watch comes for. Apart from the watch case, the bracelet links are also made out of solid metal pieces and not folded, hollow metal that many of the higher-priced watches from different other brands come with.

Now, one question you might pose that while Citizen is famous for their Eco-Drive mechanism, why should one settle for their battery operated quartz function? The reason is simple; it manages to keep the cost down, a primary objective of the first time watch buyers. It’s the same quality, durability and reliability of the Citizen Perpetual Calendar but it runs on a battery instead of solar power. And the battery is a long-life one; even with heavy chronograph usage, it’s going to last at least for few years (2 to 4) before it’s time for replacement. But then again, by that time, chances are you’ll want a new watch to wear and the price of the AN3420-51A is going to allow you happily to shun it (i.e. if you want) and go for a more complicated, higher priced one, preferably from the same brand.

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