visio.lign Red-White Aesthetics Set – for individual prosthetics

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Red-White Aesthetics Set by bredent

With the new Red-White Aesthetics Set bredent offers a complete assortment for manufacturing and customizing gingiva parts for prostheses and bridges. The aesthetic shaping in red-white transition as well as transition to natural gingiva contributes – especially in dental implant prosthetics – a very high proportion of the aesthetic success of a prosthetic supply.

The assortment comes with the required primer for conditioning different framework materials such as metal, zircon dioxide and plastics. It also contains an opaque GUM, transparent layer masses, root dentine and four gingiva colours. Thus, aesthetically appealing and lively dental prosthetics can be created.

To visualise the aesthetic options, the assortment contains layer instructions “step by step” as well as two dental prosthetics samples that illustrate the advantages of customized gingiva shaping to doctors and patients.

The set is delivered in a representative aluminium folder.

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