What to know about shoes?

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It is important for people of all ages to protect their feet when going outside. Be it you are walking on the road, playing sports, going to office or attending any party, it is crucial to choose a good & appropriate pair of shoes to match the occasion. Ill-fitting ones will not only enhance your discomfort, but also make you feel embarrassed before others. Hence, you should top branded products like Saint Seiya shoes for your pair.

What is a shoe?

The shoe is considered to be a footwear item that is designed to protect your feet from sharp objects, heat of the sun, cold, dirt, dust & other elements. Besides providing safety, a pair of shoes has also become a fashion as you can buy the right ones to match it with your favourite apparel.

You can find shoes in different sizes, styles & prices. Everyone desires to appear beautiful & make others to turn towards them. The right pair of shoes when selected like 361 Saint Seiya, does contribute towards your beauty & fashion. Branded shoes are indeed a fashion symbol & provide comfort to all types & sizes of foot.

Improving looks

The shoes when purchased with great deliberation from a trustworthy brand can help reflect the wearer’s personality. But you need to purchase the right size & style to fit your feet & serve the purpose. You can shop different types of women’s shoes, men’s shoes, dance shoes, athletic shoes, work shoes, casual shoes & historical shoes, etc. from reputed portals like https://www.361degreeshop.com/hot-sale/saint-seiya.html.

What details go into making the shoe?

Different parts go into its construction & branded products boast of superior quality materials & craftsmanship.

• Sole: The shoe bottom is referred to as the sole that is designed to protect your foot bottom.

• Heel: The shoe’s bottom rear part is referred to as the heel. Its function is to provide support to the foot’s heel portion. A good number of women prefer to purchase bigger heels as it signifies style, confidence & fashion.

• Outsole: It is considered to be the layer that comes into direct contact with the surface beneath the feet. It can comprise diverse pieces or single piece of different materials.

• Upper: The shoe’s upper part helps to hold it onto your foot.

• Midsole: The layer present in-between the insole & outsole is created to absorb shocks while running, jogging or jumping. Different shoe types are made from different types of materials to absorb shock.

• Accessories: You can find different types of accessories like shoe bag, overshoes, shoelaces, shoe stretcher, shoe tree, shoe polishing equipment, etc.

Shoe maintenance

Different methods can be used to maintain your 361 shoes. It is generally performed with polishing, sole replacement, breaking-in & heel replacement.


You can come across a wide variety woman’s shoes like booties, boots, pumps, slippers, sandals, laceups, flats, loafers, etc.

If you are interested to buy shoes for your entire family, you can always consider shopping at 361 shop!

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